Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Self Control (Effective Strategies)

     Self-control relates to an individual's ability to resist temptation and better themselves. The human beings' ability to use their prefrontal cortex to assist in creating decision-making and problem solving strategies is astounding. Self-control is critical to an individual's well-being because a failure to resist temptation and negative habits can result in harmful effects on both mental and physical health. Willpower is the presentation of one's ability to show self-control and resist temptation. 

    It is important that self-control not be a form of punishment. Avoiding temptation may be difficult for many but it should not be in the form of punishment or depriving oneself. In order to avoid it feeling like a punishment, one can find new desires and new ways to pleasure themselves in order to distract from the negative temptations. By focusing in on specific goals at specific times rather than multiple goals at once, one can find it easier to resist those temptations as well.



  1. Thank you for sharing effective strategies for improving self-control. Personally, they are very helpful as I tend to overwhelm myself a lot. I also have many things occurring at the same time, and sometimes lose control of what needs to get done. These tips will help, thanks again!

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