Monday, June 14, 2021

Bunny The Dog

 As many have seen on social media there is a woman who is teaching her dog how to communicate using buttons and reinforcing the behavior associated with the buttons. For example when the dog presses "tug" the owner immediately grabs a toy and begins playing with the dog. Over time the owner has increased the complexity of the words. This leaves the question: Does the dog really understand the language? Is she self aware?  Bunny has recently started asking more complex questions or statements regarding time of day, asking where the cat is, and what is a dog. Bunny is part of a study researching if animals can talk, but now has moved to whether or not they are self aware. The study has not finished but definitely poses an interesting question about our four legged family members.


  1. It is so funny because just recently I have been seeing this beautiful dog on my social media. I think animals are way smarter than we are aware of, I do believe Bunny is self aware in the way she responds. In order for her to communicate an action needs to be presented with the command. Over time she understands and becomes aware of what is happening. I think however if we did not associate the command with anything then Bunny would be unable to communicate the way she does.


  2. Avery,
    Bunny the dog an amazing experiment that has completely changed the way we think dogs think. I have actually gotten these learning buttons for my dog and am completely amazed at how smart he really is, he actually relies on them now to communicate! The study has actually proven that dogs can perceive time which before was not thought to be. Great topic!

  3. In the past year have seen many videos of Bunny and other dogs who have been using these buttons as a form of communication and it is mind blowing every time I watch it. We obviously know animals can understand us by using commands, but to communicate with a dog in a form of conversation is what every dog owner has ever dreamed of and hopefully we can expand onto this.

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