Friday, May 30, 2014

Tools (post 2)

I really never thought about animals using tools. I always tools were something that humans created to make tasks easier. It was really cool to see that animals were intelligent enough to use their resources as tools. On the left is a sear otter using a rock to open up a clam to eat. In the center is Betty the crow who on her own was able to create a bucket and a wire to retrieve water from the well. On the right it looks like the monkey is using a stick as a scratcher just like us humans have back scratchers today.

Bandura Social Learning (BIG DADDY)

The BoBo doll experiment by Albert Bandura really stuck with me. I didn't realize how much watching adults could affect learning. I started looking around on YouTube and one of my favorite movies Big Daddy showed up. It was funny to see this idea of social learning used in a modern day comedy. I enjoyed watching both videos, but it also made me realize how much the nurture factor can affect a person from a young age.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Welcome Summer 2014 Online Students!

All your posts for commenting will be above this post.  Feel free to read the older posts made by past students but comments are only expected on the new Summer 14' posts.

Thanks, Mark