Lack of Self Control

 One of the most common issues that everybody faces and everyone struggles with is self control. Self control is the ability to control and avoid temptations. "the ability to delay gratification and resist unwanted behaviors or urges." Human nature seems to be that we gravitate to whatever gives us the most serotonin or what makes us feel happy. Whether that is food, activities, or even substances. Self control goes hand in hand with addiction which is a disease in and of itself.  We often seek out stimulus that will increase our levels of serotonin and that can lead to substance addiction. In a simple definition, addiction is lack of self control. 

As a common thing for my posts, I try to use personal examples in order to give a proper understanding of each topic at and hand for me, I had a serious lack of self control when I used to smoke cigarettes. As smoking is a very common addiction and is the perfect example of succumbing to temptations rather than avoiding them. Being 21 and able to purchase cigarettes legally led to more temptation just due to accessibility and over time I had to gain much more self control and discipline in order to shake the addiction.,resource%20that%20can%20be%20depleted 


  1. Self-control is one of the biggest issues that's plagued the modern man. Common stuff like nicotine, alcohol, and gambling addictions have been around for a long time, but now we have to deal with technology on top of all that. People now carry around something addictive in their pockets 24/7 (phones) and have to trust themselves not to become addicted. I'm actually struggling with quitting smoking myself and it's making me reassess all the other addictive things in my life, and technology was one of those sneaky ones. Good on you for getting over that hurdle though, it's something to be proud of for sure!

  2. From personal experience I can definitely agree with the point that foods and other vices can be very tempting especially as a form of escapism. Through doing more research on the topic I have come to understand self-control much more deeply and through knowledge and practice I hope we can all make healthier choices! Great article that you linked by the way.


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