Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Post #2 Mirror Test - Angelina Marte


Mirror Drawing Test 


    In this next post, I will talk about the mirror drawing test. The mirror test is where a subject is asked to trace a star on a piece of paper while looking into a mirror. When subjects first try, it seems as though hand coordination is lost and it's as if the task is nearly impossible. But with more attempts, your brain adapts to the difference of looking through the mirror, and the project becomes easier. The picture above shows how the man makes less mistakes over a period of a few days. 
    The mirror drawing test challenges your visual and motor skills. It also calculates learning progress, coordination, and neuropsychological damage. This is actually a classroom activity given to young kids in school, to help them understand the idea of perception. The video below is a brief clip of how mirror drawing is used as a classroom activity. The website below that is an example packet of what they would give to students. 

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