Monday, June 11, 2018

Operant Conditioning in Disney Movies

I always liked Disney movies and I have never noticed that they used operant conditioning. In the video they use positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment. The movies that they talk about are Toy Story, Cinderella, Inside Out, and Lion King. This video made me think about other movies that use operant conditioning, and when I watch another movie I will try to notice these little things. Cinderella uses positive reinforcement by if Cinderella does her chores she gets to go to the ball. Toy Story uses negative reinforcement by how Woody removes Buzz so that Andy will continue his behavior in choosing Woody to play with. Lion King uses positive punishment by when Rafiki hits Simba on the head from stopping Simba from thinking about the past. Inside Out uses negative punishment by Riley's dad taking away dessert to stop her from crying about eating broccoli. This video made me understand reinforcement and punishment better and the differences between positive and negative.


  1. I did one of my posts on classical conditioning. For myself, classical conditioning was always easier to understand than operate conditioning. It was confusing to decipher the different between positive reinforcement, punishment and vice versa. I enjoyed how you connected operant condition to several Disney movies, I too never realized there were so many examples of operate conditioning in these movies. The video and your post really helped me understand the difference between the reinforcements and punishments.

  2. Disney is one of my favorite things so it was cool to see how psychology terms can actually fit into a children's movie. Reinforcements and punishments are hard to understand, but this video was actually really easy to follow along and realize what was happening. I really enjoyed all the examples as well.

  3. I always find myself confused on the differences between operant conditioning and classical conditioning but once we add examples that relate more to everyday life such as Disney movies it makes much more sense. Your video has very clear examples. I hadn't realized how much operant condition is used in popular media. I had just found a youtube video with the show Ed Edd and Eddy that also had operant conditioning!