Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Anxiety- Post 3

 I am choosing to write about anxiety for my third and final blog post. These days there are so many different anxiety disorders, all of which have an enormous impact on someone’s daily life and all of the activities they take part in. Anxiety is a constant state of fear and worry. Anxiety can be situational or constant and can be caused by things such as money, family, relationships, health, and so many more things unfortunately. People with anxiety often feel like their world is crashing down over something that someone else may feel is really small. There are many things that people with anxiety can try. Meditation, exercise, and even medication. Talking to friends and family, counselors, teachers and others also helps as well.


  1. Interesting post, Ciara. There are so many different types of anxiety disorders, and luckily many different ways to treat them.

  2. Hi Ciara,

    Great post about anxiety. Anxiety is something I find that a lot of humans go through in today's society. I suffer from it because of my insecurities I deal with on daily basis. I am starting to see many people suffering from this type of disorder Do you think environment places a major part in anxiety? I also think peer pressure plays a huge part in why so many children suffer from this disorder. I think the best way to start to conquer from this disorder would be to seek counseling someone is unbias and help find why I have this disorder and what is bringing on my anxiety level.

  3. I think this is a great post. Anxiety is so common these days and there are so many different forms of it. Anxiety and treatment is not talked about enough and should be so people are educated and can get help if they need it.