Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Continuous vs Intermittent


        Schedule reinforcement is that an instance of behavior will be reinforced, but can be separated into two categories. There is first kind of scheduling is the continuous reinforcement schedule which is when each specified response is reinforced.  Scheduling helps teach a behavior but it will show how different it may be when different response requirements will have different effects on behavior. To have a continuous reinforcement schedule the behavior needs a reward like making a child make sure they finish their homework, you can reward them with candy or more screen time. While the second one is an intermittent or a partial reinforcement schedule which is the behavior is sometimes reinforced. Once the behavior has been established then that when partial reinforcement comes in and reward is then on occasion. 


POWELL, R. U. S. S. E. L. L. A. (2020). Introduction To Learning And Behavior: includes apa membership card. CENGAGE LEARNING.


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  1. I often use continuous reinforcement scheduling when I am studying. I love treating myself with a reward after I finish a huge workload or a difficult chapter. Thanks for the helpful information!