Learned Behaviors By: Bianca Mathieu

 In 1961, Bandura performed a controlled experiment study to investigate if social behaviors, such as aggression can be learned by observation from young children. His experiment was a success.  The children who were exposed to an aggressive model were more aggressive than the children who were not exposed to an aggressive mode. This was a very important study, it teaches us what young children observe as a child, will most likely determine how they react to situations.  One examples of an aggressive behavior that can affect children is spanking.  Using aggressive punishment to discipline young children can have a negative psychological effect on them as they get older. This can lead to a child to become aggressive as they age engaging in more fights, bullying, etc.   Many people will say they were spanked as kid and turned our fine, but is that completely true? It’s important for adults to realize the way we treat children at a young age significantly impacts their behavior.


  1. Great post. I talk to my mother about this a lot. She is a therapist and dicuss things in regards to beating a child now vs past. I was never beat as a child because mym other felt it wasn't the correct discipline method. However, when I did do something bad to punish me she was pull away something I loved and wanted to do all the time. My mother was spanked and she stated it did make her anger and aggressive as she got older.
    Do I agree some children need to be spanked, Yes, some need a form of punishment but not a so aggressive form. I tug on the ear, and smack on the hand, a pat of the butt to not do that. Not all forms of punishment are signs a person will grow up to show agression later in life.

  2. Very interesting and informative post that is a really big discussion that most people have now because many people have seen the negative effects it has and that will make children more aggressive in later life.


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