Bandura Theory

     Albert Bandura's focus on observing, modeling, and imitation provided an avid explanation for behavior and I feel it is most relevant to behavior theory today. By conducting the Bobo doll experiment, Bandura was able to prove that individuals learn behavior by observing and imitating others. Those who are being observed are the models for behavior. Imitation has a great effect on society and how people go about their everyday lives. This theory has a strong foundation and clearly shows the importance of being surrounded by positive models whose behaviors are appropriate to imitate.

    People watch others and surround themselves with people they respect and admire. Because of this, individuals tend to imitate the behaviors of those around them who have acted as models. This is most often seen in children. Children can be observed imitating the behaviors of adults around them or even other children around them. As children grow, they shape into their being and that foundation begins with who they surround themselves with and who are models for shaping their future behavior.


  1. I completely agree with you on this theory. Of all the learning theories, I really see this one the most first hand current day. I see this a lot with my baby, and She learns a lot of what she does from me and her father.


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