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    Type A and Type B Personalities

    The two most common and most noticeable personality types amongst people are Type A and Type B. This is because of the drastic difference between them, number one being that people with Type A personalities are more anxious and stressed while people with Type B personalities tend to be more calm, focused, and relaxed. The reason for the drastic difference has to do with a mix physical, mental, and emotional factors. Although, the majority of people tend to actually have a mix of personalities instead of one strict type. For example some people could be a moderate Type A personality with some aspects of Type B, while others can be a moderate Type B, with aspects of Type A. 
    Because Type A traits tend to be more stress related, they also seem to deal with more health deficits. For example they have higher risks of physical diseases such as heart disease, as well as mental health diseases such as anxiety and depression. To an extent, this all means that having Type A personalities may not be the most exciting thing, as there can be a lot of baggage to go with it. The first video below goes more in depth about Type A personality health issues and traits. The video below that one talks more in depth about positive aspects of Type B personality traits. On a positive note, people with Type A personalities can be really good at getting things done, and having them done right! 




  1. I absolutely love that you include so many media forms of conveying the information. I am a visual learner, so even though I understand the subject, it is really neat to see it projected this way. I for sure feel for that type A person more. I really identify with a lot of the negative side affects of the personality.

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