Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Personality Types A and B (third post)

Type A personalities are high achievers, hardworking, and more aggressive people who constantly work towards their goals. These people are always working at a faster pace and can have a lower level of patience. People with Type A personalities are short-tempered and are highly competitive. Some people with Type A personalities can come off as narcissistic and overly confident. These individuals want to make their presence known. Many people with this personality type are hard on themselves while also being hard on others. Type B personalities are less dominant and more humble, and easy-going. They are more likely to do one thing at a time and are less affected by time constraints. People with Type B personalities are the opposite of Type A, which allows them to be more patient and less hot-headed. Paying attention to these two personality types is necessary because health problems like a heart attack can be caused by too much stress, which is more likely to occur with someone who has a Type A personality. This is another essential factor to pay attention to because this could be the cause of other mental health

disorders like narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. This can lead to therapy and other treatments that involve medications. The best way to avoid stressful situations for people with a Type A personality is to acknowledge their emotions and validate their feelings. It is ok to feel on edge at times, but it is important to develop solutions before lashing out at the wrong people. 

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  1. The video explained the personality types really well! I'd like to think that I'd be a combination of both, but I can definitely see the competitive Type A side of my show through. Thanks for video again!