Journal #3 - Personality

Chapter 11 is all about personality and how it is a plausible area of study within psychology. Researchers began creating multiple tests to understand organize the many different personalities that are present across many variables. Researchers concluded that personality is internally based traits  and are stable characteristics that define a person. One of the first personality tests was created to screen out possible candidates that were deemed unfit to serve in the war. The questions were pretty straightforward and their intentions were quite clear. Are you an alcoholic? Do you suffer from a mental illness? Are you claustrophobic? E.t.c.

I find personality to be a combination of feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. Personally, I feel that I am an outspoken individual who is not afraid to say what is on her mind and is not afraid of what people might think. However, I think I also have a huge heart and will do anything for anyone because I love to help people. I believe there is a purpose to the many personalities out there. Not only is it the benefit of diversity, but to also allow for creativity and new ideas to be entered into the universe. Personality is what makes us a whole and allows us to find our people. Having a unique personality is my favorite part about myself because I will never have just one personality. I am continuously growing and learning about new things and adapting to change constantly. A question I thought of was that very similar to my question in my perception post. Are we born with a personality or is it something we acquire through life and personal experiences? I'd like to think a little bit of both. Unfortunately, I feel that a lot of assumptions are made about someone based off of their current mood or feelings which is not a reflection of their personality at all. Someone battling mental illness or suffering from bad news is going through something, but it does not define them as a whole. So going back to what I mentioned at the end of my first paragraph, just because someone drinks a quart of whiskey or may hear voices it isn't a reflection of their personality or if they're fit to fulfill a job. It simply means they are battling something and may need some help through it.

One thing I constantly see on social media is this obsession over Enneagram's and what type you are. Apparently, it is a type of personality test that is more defined and quite accurate. The enneagram is a system of personality typing that analyzes your views on the world and how you manage your emotions. According to the enneagram, there are 9 different personality types. I have been dying to try out this test and thought some of my classmates may be interested as well, so here is a link to a test I found. I'd love to hear what you all get to see how many of us are different and similar!

I matched type 8 the most!
One thing I like about this test is that it caters to the gray area and understands that not all personalities are black and white. It was nice to see that I have a high percentage in Type 1 and Type 2.