Caitlin Juliano-(History & Systems) Comments to Three Journal Entries Written by Classmates


Caitlin Juliano

Thurs., 4/3/2020

Psychology (SENIOR SEMINAR): History & Systems***
***Comments on Classmate's Journal Entries posted online on Blogger

I tried posting comments and somehow they were not posting properly. I tried to do it multiple times; but it's still not working overall. So, I just decided to improvise and write them like this since my comments aren't properly posting. (I'm not to sure if it may be my laptop or not? I'm not too sure..) 

Reply to Hanna Wilson's 1st Journal Entry: 
Hi Hanna,
     First off, you've got a great discussion post here. It is so thought-out, organized, and easy to understand. I too wrote about thinking and perception in one of my journal entries. Personally, I find those vast topics in overall psych to be so very thought-provoking and deep. In correspondence, I completely agree with your journal entry. I too enjoyed Hunt's fourteenth chapter in his book, our course book for History & Systems. Additionally, I for sure have to point out and say that I specifically agree with you when you mentioned that the neural and cognitive approaches to perception are fascinating aspects of psychology and answer many questions as a whole concept. To conclude on my comment to your very well-written journal entry, I have to comment on your choice of image. I love that choice of picture because not only does it grasp the reader's attention, but it defines the key definition of the intriguing concept of perception. As a sophomore last school year, I remember viewing images like that when I took Professor Berg's Perception course. It truly helped me understand it all so much better. The concept is broad, vivid, deep, and just generally has so much more possibilities for the future as well. Again, I believe that perception and the thought process in the human brain is one of the most thought-provoking concepts in general psychology to learn about and observe about.
Great post! Thanks for sharing, Hanna! :)

Reply to Hanna Wilson's 2nd Journal Entry:
Hi again Hanna, 
     Another great journal entry! Great job! 
     I too found Hunt's chapter on personality to be so very interesting as a whole. I think personality is such a crucial and fascinating part of the amazing field of psychology. Learning about personality is one of my favorite concepts to talk about in psychology. I think it is so neat to analyze and understand how people were, how they became who they are now, what and/or who has influenced them, and beyond... There are so many reasonings behind the formation, flaws, changes, and influences on the topic of personality. There are so many questions to this subject matter as well- especially as we all have such different personalities. We all have different traits in our behaviors, attitudes, and beyond. For an example, someone may be short tempered, someone may speak extremely properly... and someone may just be the complete opposite of those traits! We are all so unique, and that is just one of the many reasons that makes this life so great and psychology so inspiring!

All the best,
Caitlin Juliano