Chapter 11

This chapter is all about personality and how it relates to psychology. The different ways that personality was studied was with test. These were created during World War 1 to see if solider were fit for duty. There is the Woodworth personal data sheet which are yes or no question. The ink blot test is when a picture is show with an ink blot splatter and you say the first think you think it looks like. Thematic apperception test was similar. People were shown a picture and then they had to create a story based on the picture. More structured test were created in the early 1940’s. The test analysis use clusters of test items to measure the traits. Learned helplessness is something that was focused on in the slides. This is a belief that one is incapable of accomplishing tasks and has little or no control of the environment. An example of this would be when a child doesn’t do well on math test and assignments, they begin to feel like nothing will help their math skills.

Elements of thought:
The purpose: The purpose of this chapter was to discuss the different ways personality is measured. It also discussed why personality is such a big part of psychology
Concept: The concepts that are used are the ways that personality is measured.
Question: The question is what makes someones personality different?