Thursday, June 23, 2022

Violence in the Media

 Media violence and the repercussions of behavior has been a topic discussed in many of my psychology classes. I remember in Intro to Psych this topic was brought up and we had to discuss if we thought violence portrayed in the media (video games, tv, movies etc.) could truly influence the viewers behavior. 

Studies have shown that males react more quickly in their aggression after viewing violent media. Males are often portrayed as the aggressor as well. Showing why studies have shown that females are more accepting when males are violent, because it is something they have somewhat 'normalized' from television or movies. 

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  1. I agree, violent video games definetly influences violent behaviors in children. I remember when i was younger, my mom was always there to make sure that i was not playing grand theft auto because she believes that children would try to mimic those behaviors portrayed in the game such as shooting, robery etc.