Wednesday, June 22, 2022



Yet another deep and inherent belief that I share is “Bypothesis” which again is stated in out book, page 492, (Wilson, 1984), which is that humans have an inherit predisposition to be drawn to nature, including other animals (biophilia means “love of nature”). Thus, Humans may find it innately satisfying to do such things as keep pets, go to Zoos, and hang bird feeders outside their windows. Simple curiosity by itself may also play a role in the interest many researchers have in the abilities of other species. More importantly, however, the techniques that behaviorists have developed for the study of animal behavior are in the many ways useful for testing different theories of cognition and for uncovering the different abilities animals have evolved to help cope with their world.

                Once again, we see the resilience of the animal world void of a language that is shared with humans, with this stated be said and stated animals have their own way of communicating outside of our human rules. So, at this point we are guided by Psychologists, Biologists, and Primatologist to govern a yet another use of methods and questionable conclusions to an otherwise questionable hypotheses to conclude that we are yet again the top intelligence as we boast about our abilities to communicate and teach our way, meaning that we judge other species as being inferior due to a different  form of social norm that doesn’t match ours. The animal world is a remarkable place in which there are a different set of rules and communications the humans cannot compare to our existing language and forms of communications, I understand this, but it seems like their world and behaviors are sometimes misconstrued as being inferior, and who are we to make and pass judgements of this kind?

                In conclusion and in many of years observing and with respects to other species such as Humankind I have always been awed by all other species such as insects, reptiles, and other mammals as a lifeforce that show alternatives to existing without taking other than what is needed to survive. Humans on the other hand seem to be invasive and consuming and altering in their environment in a negative fashion. We take and deplete natural resources; we over consume and waste much and have the largest carbon footprint of any other species combined. Yet to us this is an acceptance and a rite of passage because of our “Superior” means of language. It makes me wounder even now as we are trying to extend our means of exploring the galaxy’s with yet another example being the James Webb Telescope that has been launched into space to go back 9 billion years to gather data in an inferred environment. What will this environment tell us? Perhaps yet another environment where learning and reshaping will show us yet another means, this should be very interesting. I’m excited to see where this goes! 



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