Thursday, June 23, 2022

ADHD in the pandemic

 ADHD is a term used frequently to describe someone who has trouble staying still, or focusing on one specific task for too long. While this term is used broadly to characterize many people, it is a disorder that many people struggle with on a daily basis. Some symptoms include; inability to sit still, constantly picking or fidgeting with object around them, consistent talking, being disorganized, poor time management. There is a plethora of symptoms, and not every individual with ADHD will have every single symptom. 

The pandemic made people who live with ADHD have a much more difficult time. Forcing people with ADHD to stay inside, with not much stimulation heightened the symptoms for these people, and caused above normal stress levels for this time period. 

Recommendations for people during the pandemic with ADHD included; establishing a routine, getting outdoors frequently, finding enjoyable activities to do while inside, staying connected with people you normally would. 


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  1. I have ADHD and I agree with the artcile in the sense that I found the pandemic to be difficult.