Non-Medicinal Treatments for ADHD

    Doctor Ned Hallowell has a book called ADHD 2.0 where he discusses different ways of treating those with ADHD and includes ones that do not involve medicine. Those with ADHD can experience behavioral problems that average humans do not face. This may include hyperactivity and anger due to frustration with school, work, and overall life. These treatments are set to help wrangle these symptoms of ADHD and make it more tolerable. The first one he describes is cerebellum stimulation. The cerebellum is responsible for over 70% of the neurons in the brain, which seems to be overlooked in the medical community. The cerebellum corresponds to the frontal lobe in the brain which is responsible for the actions of ADHD. Hallowell says that physical exercise daily can help stimulate the cerebellum and help reduce the symptoms of ADHD which includes focus and memory. 

    Hallowell also reiterates finding a partner and or career that is right for the person with ADHD. Finding a partner who can understand ADHD and work with one with it is extremely challenging but beneficial at the end. A career that can be beneficial for someone with ADHD is important, as well. Anything that can help stimluate the cerebellum, being active, or creative can help embrace the symptoms instead of suppressing them. Along with this, Hallowell's number one treatment is finding the "right difficult". He explains that finding an outlet to embrace and release all of the energy into one enjoyable hobby lets the ADHD roam without hindering one's life. Dancing, training, art, writing, singing, plus many more active and creative outlets would be beneficial for someone with ADHD. 




  1. Hello, I like the topic you picked. ADHD can be a huge problem because many people go undiagnosed or do not get diagnosed until later in life. Even when they do get diagnosed, it is important to explore all options on how to treat it. Non medical ways are a good thing to look at because medicine isn't always the answer. I agree that there are many different outlets people with ADHD can try to help them.


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