Thursday, June 23, 2022


There are two sides to the punishment both positive and negative. Positive punishment is adding more chores to a list of chores they already have. By adding more chores to what they already have to do. Spanking them so they learn from what they have done so they can learn the season. While the negative punishment would be taking something away from them which is their phone, and television time, and restricting them from going out with their friends. The way you interact with the child can either cause the child to behave the proper way or just cause the child to continue to do what they are not supposed to do. Some parents believe spanking is a way children will learn while other people think spanking is not something that should be done. There are positive and negative effects to this kind of punishment. It is seen that punishment "often has a short-term effect and, on its own, doesn't offer information or instruction on what the preferred behavior should be" ( High 5 Test, 2022). Spanking can cause a negative and positive act because of the results it may cause among the child. On my behalf I belive there is a certain extent to spank a child. Maybe a small slap but not to brutally hit them.,an%20example%20of%20negative%20reinforcement.

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  1. Daian,

    I really enjoyed reading your posts about punishment. I similarly did positive/negative reinforcement for one of my posts. I like how you brought up spanking as a form of punishment. This is a hot topic considering so many parents do not believe in becoming physical with their children. My mom spanked my older sister and I and never laid a hand on my younger sister. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but we definitely showed my mom more respect than my little sister and I feel it was because that fear of punishment was instilled in us. But to your point, the way you interact with a child in their early years follows them into adulthood, so no matter their age, it is important to know they will take the repercussions of that punishment with them into adulthood and either use it on their child, or be against it because it was used in a negative way on them.