Thursday, June 23, 2022


Phobia is when an individual "learns to make the avoidance response early in the chain of events so as to minimize the effort of avoiding" ( Powell, 341). It's something that gives you an overwhelming feeling to want to avoid it due to the fear. There are different types of phobias that are seen all around the world. There are some of the weirdest to normal phobias. I actually have a sensory phobia of cotton or cotton balls. Which is called sidonglobophobia. I can hold a cotton ball and use a cotton ball but when I use a cotton ball and rip it apart I hate the feeling. It gives me goosebumps. I did some research and it was stated that the actual feeling of pulling the cotton ball apart causes friction which gives off the goosebump feeling. Something interesting that I discovered was that Micheal Jackson had a fear of cotton balls. As weird as it sounds it is the word feeling of having cotton balls being ripped apart.

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  1. Fear of cotton balls being ripped apart- wow! We learn something new everyday because I did not know this was thing. Thank you for sharing D. I will look more into Sidonglobophobia to gain more insight. Phobias are tough to cut through-we are all so different. As odd as some may sound, I respect whatever fears people go through because you never know the intensity of some triggers.