I provided this TED Talk regarding self control. Jonathan discusses a lot about diet and food cravings. I thought it was educational.


  1. Yes, Self-control! I’ve dealt with not having it all of my life and it would make life much easier to have it. One area would be in weight control, I’m void of it there. Another area would be procrastination, yet another void in my life. Our textbook mentioned it and related it to procrastination and motivation to do better with this battle that most of us are faced with. The Ted talk is inspiring such as addressing tobacco and obesity in which I struggle with! I smoke, I overeat, and I’m obese yet I never seem to be able to make alternative healthy choices. A new science that may be able to control these adversities being Willingness, meaning dropping the struggle with your cravings? This would be awesome! I have to get to this level, thanks for sharing this information, it’s inspiring!


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