Friday, June 10, 2011

Post 2 Self Control Management & Drug addiction

The topic of self control management makes me think about people with drug addictions. most people who want to stop cant , partly due to withdrawal symptoms and to self control management. A drug addict does nothing to give them a physical restraint to the drug, or change their environment to get away from the drugs. most likely it is due to not having money, which they spent on drugs instead of moving out of a heroin neighborhood. When the addict is deprived of the drug, he needs to meet his high level of satiation, which wouldn't be so high if he possessed self control management. Drug addicts could also resort to doing something other than drugs, but rarely do. And if a person on drugs wanted to quit and had the self Control skills, they would act as their own reinforcers or punishers and do what they know they need to do to get off drugs and change their lives for the better. This topic is close to me because a member of my family went through a drug addiction, and if he had self control skills maybe his addiction wouldn't have gotten so bad and it would have helped him get off of them easier.

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