Tuesday, June 7, 2011

positive reinforcement

This was a great example for me considering I am a pre-school teacher!
An example of how it works with animals.
The Big Bang Theory T.V show using examples of positive reinforcement and operant conditioning
An example of negative reinforcement

Essential everybody wants to be encouraged and to please those around them in which they want to please such has parents and significant others. Therefore when supported, rewarded, and encouraged with positive reinforcement it then stimulates more positive actions. It is almost like a mindset, for those who have watched and believe in ‘the secret’ that you inevitably are attracting what you are thinking. Therefore with positive approval, creating positive thoughts, then creating positive actions, like a positive domino effect. And the same affect only opposite would occur with negative reinforcement. Someone who feels overwhelmed, criticized, and belittle may fall into the deep dark whole of convincing themselves that the negative behavior is all they are capable of and all they will measure up to. Therefore positive reinforcement is the best method to bring out the best in an individual regardless of age and situation.

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  1. I thought your videos were great examples, especially the one for tips for a kindergarten teacher. It is way more effective if you use positive reinforcement. Just like an a adult, children don't like being talked down to. The praising and making each child feel appreciated is what makes a huge effect in that child's future. I have seen it, as a babysitter, children who behave and are gratified by it are better students and more aware of when they do something they shouldn't be doing.