Post 2- Positive Reinforcement

Chapter six is about positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcements are usually pleasant or rewarding from your actoin. When he or she is doing something right they should be rewarded so that person keeps on doing the right thing. For example, I play field hockey at Stockton and every day we run and work hard for a positive outcome. From working hard all through pre season we want a positive reinforcement by winning games! (Come out and watch us play!!!)

Not only is their positive reinforcements but there is also positive punishments. A positive punishment is usually unpleasant or aversive. For example, when my younger was taking out the trash (for once in her life) she was swatting a wasp and got stung. Getting stung by the bee was the punishment for swatting at it.

Primary reinforces are things that we are born to life and our psychological needs. In this youtube video Stutphen talks about psychological needs. He goes on talking about how everyone needs someone to love and care about (essential need). Everyone needs some to interact in your life!