Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Self control has to do with your mind and how to react when you’re in a position or situation. When does self control come in when you go to smoke a cigarette because you’re stressed? Or when you’re in Atlantic City gambling and you want to roll the dice “one more time” to reach that extra hundred bucks lying on the table? When does self control come into play to solve these issues?

Self control can be very risk-taking. Everyone knows what smoking can do to you and how bad it is, it’s like a slow death upon their self. In the article, Science of Willpower, that I found interesting searching the internet, Kelly McGonigal gives examples of ways to help people give up smoking.

Article: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-science-willpower/200907/the-limits-self-control

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  1. The article presents a good theory; that someone who wants something they know they shouldn't have can only say no to so much, even if that thing changes. Its funny to me because a family member of mine attempted to quit smoking and then gained an extreme amount of weight. When he was tackling his newly acquired weight problem, he said he remembered thinking that he was being healthy by quitting cigarettes, and not watching his diet was acceptable to him. Quitting cigarettes was his excuse to lose self control