Motivation Post 3- Procrastination

As college students, we all know about something called procrastination. We have all been subject to its cruel grasps at least once (and I bet you a million dollars it has been more than once). However, procrastination is a bit more than just putting off your school work because you don't feel like doing it. Most believe it is just delaying an action even though one is fully aware of the adverse consequences of doing so. Procrastination all depends on the amount of time between the important event or activity and the moment one becomes "worse off" for not doing the task. Therefore, if you are assigned a psychology project that is due exactly two months from now, the likelihood of procrastination is fairly high, as the consequences of not doing the project is two months away.

Scales have even been created so as to test how much you tend to procrastinate (found here:, as this depends on personality. So take the test! Or do it later...


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