Saturday, June 11, 2011

Post 2: The Positive Reinforcement Method in Dog Training

Positive Reinforcement is a presentation of a stimulus following a response, which leads to an increase in the future strength of that response which is usually pleasant or rewarding. Training a dog is not a very simple task it could take weeks and months of constant training and practice. The time frame does not depend on the breed of the dog it is based on how you train them properly. The fundamental thing in dog training is to give your dog nothing but positive encouraging rewards. Many dog owners punish or hit their dogs when they commit mistakes or do something wrong which is the wrong action to take. These can cause the dog to feel anxious and not perform during the training period. The positive reinforcement method is a very effective training technique. It involves rewards that the dog would surely love. The methods main concept is to reward your pet for every proper action they do. Rewards can be a simple patting, stroking or even giving foods and also and excited voice will encourage the dog in their trainning.I put up a video to show how the dog will respond to positive reinforcement.

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