Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Final Post

In the course Learning Theory and Research I have learned Psychology in more depth. Being a criminal justice student I always had an interest in psychology because we need to understand people and that’s what psychology does it helps us read people better. Learning about B.F. Skinner and Bandura and many others who made an impact in psychology was very interesting. Skinners contribution in the study of Radical Behaviorism and Bandura in the study of Social Learning. This course gave me an overview of understanding how psychology was shape in early years and the understanding of general subjects that I can relate to my personal experiences.
I enjoy many of the subjects that we touch in this course I thought chapter one was very interesting with the study of behavior in how humans have behavioral excesses, behavioral deficits and inappropriate behaviors. I believe I have a behavioral deficit which is procrastination even though I’m working on it I still lack at it sometimes. I do feel I’m a very motivated person when it comes to things that I enjoy doing. Learning about OCD was very informative, is a interesting subject because it deals with a lot of young people and teenagers that undergo stress. I believe that we can all relate with the stress that young people have to deal with not only adults. Is important to know about all psychological disorders, because maybe one day we could help someone. In conclusion it was a great class and I would recommend to anyone who is interested in psychology.

This video is very interesting about behavior.


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