Post 3: OCD in teenagers

Symptoms of OCD can be found in the early years of a teenager and can start as early as childhood. Being able to recognize this is very important for the teenager to be able to be diagnosed and treated at the earliest opportunity. Teenagers are a vulnerable group of young people and they have so many teenage pressures to deal with on a daily basis. All that stress and trauma could cause OCD in teenagers.This type of change or can occur very fast in a teenager. OCD can be scary for the teenager to understand and for their parents who will usually not understand what is happening. Their friends will ignore them and will label them as crazy. The anxiety, which leads to OCD, can be environmental, biological, or psychological. Being able to figure out what are the causes will ensure the teenager to get the help they need to understand what they are experiencing. Studies have shown that there is no distinction between male and female sufferers and most of them get OCD first in their childhood years. OCD does not have a genetic component since only 10% of OCD in teenagers is from parent origins. The reason why OCD has affected many people in special teenagers because they don’t know much about it, the fear of being treated as someone that is crazy, fear of dealing with OCD as a whole and the fear of medication. It is often hope that the symptoms that the teenagers experience during childhood will go away as they move into adulthood but sometimes that never happens. Being able to recognize OCD is very important and with the right treatment the symptoms could become minimized or hopefully gone. I put up a link from a show true life that MTV aired which it was the first time that i learn about OCD they did a great job.


  1. This is very interesting. I can honestly see how stress and drama in a high school teenagers life could go from high anxiety to OCD. It would be interesting to read more about the development of OCD, in teens.


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