Monday, June 13, 2011

Final Post

When I first signed up for the class I thought is was going to be a little on the dull side. I really enjoyed the book and the posting was a good way for me to do extra research. Everything that was included from the history of Psychology and how it really wasn't viewed as a natural science to howit evolved into modern psychology was all very good to know. Also all of the Classical and operant conditioning, and biological dispositions in learning were all helpful. I really liked the Horcones project (the little city in Mexico where everyone worked as a group to get everything they needed). I think modern society should use psychology more for the good of the people instead of just a way to advertise products and find a way to seperate us from our money.
The part I think I enjoyed the most was chapter 12, especially the part about Language. I thought all the studies on animal language were interesting and I couldn't believe the story of Kanzi the Bonobo. The following video is about Kanzi

The fact that certain animals can actually communicate in certain ways and express their wants is pretty amazing.
This other video is shows examples of how bonobo monkeys are taught and also shows some diffiult concepts that they are able to communicate through words.

Language is a very fascinating concept, to think that we learn arbitrary symbols (reference), create rules (grammar)that are very complex and then communicate our feelings and thoughts. Language plays such an integral part in our development from infancy to adulthood. There is body language, facial expressions, sign language (formal and informal), spoken and written language. All language impacts our relationships, sense of self, enables self expression and can help reinforce or punish behaviors.

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