Post 3- Operant Conditioning

OK- So i could not embed this video I'm assuming for copyright reasons but here is the link to the video, that goes along with my post.

This video is a very humorous example of operant conditioning. In this TV show Big Bang Theory Lenard and Sheldon are scientists, and Penny is Lenard's girlfriend. Sheldon is using positive reinforcement to "train" Penny acceptable behaviors, or acceptable in Sheldon's warped mind. Lenard This is a shortened clip, but you can see the idea. Lenard try's to reprehend Sheldon and forbids him from continuing using her girlfriend as a lab animal, Sheldon's response was to spray Lenard saying "bad Lenard," trying to impose negative reinforcement on Lenard. My favorite part of this clip is when Penny comes back in from talking on the phone and Sheldon tells Lenard he can change her speaking voice to a lower more appealing octave. Sheldon does so after she says the word freaky he repeats it back to her then she reply's "freaky" in a very deep monotone octave, then he gives Penny a piece of chocolate. I love this example of operant conditioning, i hope you all enjoy it too!