Saturday, June 11, 2011

Final Project

Final Project

After taking the Learning: theory and research course I have learned a lot about research methods, elicited behaviors, classical conditioning, and operant conditioning. When we study the effects of certain variables on a behavior, it is important that we properly define behavior. To do this correctly we have to used research methods. Once someone is learned how to develop a hypothesis in some are of interest he or she will employ a research method to obtain behavioral data. Some methods for obtaining data are naturalistic observation, case studies, control group designs and single-subject design.

My favorite part about this course was about the behavioral definitions. I like to see how animals can figure their way out, through a maze, to reach the ending food. I also like how a bird was placed in a box with a square object to step on the reach an object the bird wanted. After watching animals sniff their way to the food, I can observe and record methods. This relates to life on an everyday occurrence and outside of class.

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