It is interesting to consider the concept that our only innate fears are falling and loud noises. We often think we have always had our fears, but forget about the conditioning that had to take place. Fear is a conditioned response that takes place after classical conditioning has occurred. At some point an unconditioned stimulus becomes a fear after a person has experienced negative exposure to it. A phobia tends to be a more exaggerated and intense fear. These can sometimes be removed through systematic desensitization or flooding. Systematic desensitization often pairs the fear with a relaxation technique, whereas flooding gives over exposure to the fear stimuli. it would be interesting to find out how well these two techniques work with falling and loud noise exposure.


  1. That's interesting how we only have 2 innate fears! I always thought that certain fears such as heights or certain animals were innate as well but it does make sense that it was either learned or influenced somehow


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