Friday, June 21, 2019

Taste Aversion

The topic of taste aversion is really interesting because it is relating a psychology of learning factor into the topic of food, but also behavior. Because it is relating to food, it can be taken into the context of teaching children or animals how to eat and the behavior that comes along with it. The topic is very intriguing to learn about because it can be related to their own mental behavior by how the subject reacts, the rat in this example is conditioned immediately after each unpleasant sensation and reacts accordingly. I thought this picture was a clear example to portray this topic and showed the rat's actions in each stage very thoroughly in hope to give a clear understanding on the topic of taste aversion. 


  1. The picture gives a great detail on the topic of taste aversion and I actually always love learning about this theory and how someone can be conditioned into tasting somethign and reacting to it in a certain way.

  2. I too find this topic to be interesting. It is very intriguing to observe how our minds work when relating to taste. It is also educational in the way of behavior relating to food and taste, especially when you mention teaching individuals how to eat.

  3. I found this topic very interesting, I never knew the amount of mental behavior that one has to use for to say something taste good or bad. The picture that you posted really is good example of what taste aversion is.