Self-control is a concept that has been taught to us since we were very very young. In relation to psychology, there are many approaches to this subject from various psychologists. One of the main figures of psychology, B. F. Skinner, also had a significant interpretation to self-control. He "...viewed self-control, or 'self-management,' not as an issue of willpower, but as an issue involving conflicting outcomes" (Powell, Honey, & Symbaluk, 2013). Stemming from this, Skinner said that the two types of responses are a controlling response which then affects the controlled response. An example of these two responses in effect is leaving your debit card at home and going shopping with a certain amount of cash so that you are strictly limited to what you have on hand. This way, you cannot go to an ATM and withdraw extra cash or use more than your allotted spending amount by justifying "I have more money in my bank account anyway". Regardless of the method you use to show self-control, it is an important skill to have for many versatile successes in your life.


  1. This post is really well written! I like how you included the example of self-control with the shopping method. I also liked the picture of the dog that you included, I think that it accurately describes what self-control is all about. Good work!


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