Positive Reinforcement

I feel that Positive Reinforcement is one of the most interesting topics in psychology because many people do not even realize when it is happening let along know that it can happen at any age, starting so young. This image is a perfect example of positive reinforcement because it wraps up the point of reinforcement being positive or negative. This image describes a positive reinforcement because the baby is being trained on how to receive it's pacifier.... by crying! The baby is noticing once it cries, it receives it's pacifier, therefore will continue the behavior. The parents may not even be aware of the habit they are conditioning their baby to have, but the positive reinforcement is most definitely beginning at such a young age.


  1. I really love the image you incorporated into your topic! It's very simple yet its message is effective! It's true that most parents are not aware of the technicalities behind their specific methods of parenting, but I think it's very rewarding when you can pull topics you've learned in class into real life situations like this.


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