Sunday, June 23, 2019

Systematic Desensitization

As a way of treating phobias, systematic desensitization is defined as "a behavioral treatment for phobias that involves pairing relaxation with a succession of stimuli that elicit increasing levels of fear" (Powell, Honey, & Symbaluk, 2013). This process includes introducing various coping techniques to the individual that they will later use when confronting the trigger of their phobia. This exposure to their phobia is triggered gradually until they feel relaxed when confronting their fear. Joseph Wolpe is the researcher who is responsible for utilizing this method of conditioning.


  1. Systemic desensitization seems to be a treatment for phobias that is beneficial for individuals. Being able to cope with the fear when confronted is important. There are many different treatment options for fears discussed throughout psychology.

  2. I found this blog post very interesting I have a phobia of spiders and items that have a lot of holes them. I cringe at the thought of writing this but I found this post very informative and hope to one day get help with my phobias.