Four Types of Contingencies

In the book, in chapter 6, it talks about 4 types of contingencies. In the book it talks about how in operant conditioning there are two types of possible outcomes also known as consequences. One being reinforcers and one being punishers. There are contingencies of reinforcers and contingencies of punishers. In the chart below it gives you the basics in the four types. In this situation you have to focus on if something is being presented or withdrawn to determine if it is a positive or negative reinforcement.

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  1. I liked the picture that you chose to describe positive and negative reinforcers, and positive and negative punishments. When some books and professors explain this concept, it could be difficult to understand because most just give examples. But I liked how you were able to find a picture that describes how to identify them, as well as giving examples that we all know. Good work!


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