Activity Anorexia

Activity Anorexia is doing a lot of exercise while alos having low intake of food. This was tested on rats. When a rat is given low amounts of food and given a wheel the rat will run on the wheel more then eat their food, but when a rat is given good portions of food and no wheel they do just fine. I am talking about this because my cousin has anorexia and she exersices like crazy. She will run 6-9 miles on the tredmill but, not eat anything. She even passes out from not eating enough food. This can be very dangerous. 
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  1. I agree that it is very dangerous to over-exercise and not eat enough. Your body needs enough nutrients and energy to physically do exhausting activities. If you push your body past its limit without providing it that needed energy, your body cannot keep up and you'll end up hurting yourself. I hope your cousin has the help she needs and a good support system so that she can overcome it!


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