self-control, self-immolation

If I had more self-control, and did not consistently reach for the short term gratification that summer bombards me with, I would have written this post weeks ago. However, as the long term goal is approaching my interest is anewed to make sure I study and get the good grade I seek to earn. As I have learned more about self-control and the short vs long term goals and rewards associated with each my eyes have opened. It never fails that my long term goal is better for me and has a greater pay out, such as getting a good grade and earning my degree, but my friends invite me out for a night or I replace the harder/less enjoyable goal with another that I enjoy more such as going to the gym which has long term rewards but is much more gratifying at the moment for me.

I cannot think of anyone who has had greater self-control than the monk that burned himself to death as a protest. There have been other self-immolations since then, but it puts life in perspective, if he could burn alive then any of us can sit down and study for our grades. Each goal may be challenging but humans are able to weigh out the rewards and can choose to hunker down and make it happen.