Sunday, June 26, 2016

Heroin in NJ

Addiction to drugs first starts as a psychological addiction then becomes to a physical one. No one ever wakes up one day and says that their goal today is to become a heroin addict. As our text indicates, it is part of a two process cycle. Someone does A and then the opposite process of B follows for the body to balance back out. Maybe the addiction started as a way to relief some stress from someone’s life, then as the relaxing sensation wears off an anxious feeling could replace it leading to more use of the drug and it snow balls from there. The escape is only temporary and tends to become more magnified when the high wears off.

New Jersey is seeing an increasingly alarming rate of heroin use. Maybe we should start looking to find out what so many, particularly young people, are turning towards heroin to escape from.

Please note the heroin treatment rates map 


  1. The heroin epidemic in our country, and now in our state is definitely scary (to say the least). I agree with you, research should be done to find out why so many young people are using this as a form of escape.

  2. I like your idea of potentially why the addiction starts- to relieve stress and then the anxiety stimulus builds back up when not on the drug. This is definitely something to look into with heroin addicts, because as stated, it is becoming an awful problem within New Jersey. The thoughts that it is still increasing is incredibly scary