Monday, June 27, 2016


The topic of self-awareness and differentiating oneself from others greatly intrigues me to learn about. In Developmental Psychology, this was a prominent topic along with object permanence for children. I am constantly around children, especially young babies and watching them grow and learn is fascinating to me, which is why I was most interested in this part of the Developmental Psychology course. While I have never personally done or seen a video of the mark and mirror task, my professor showed us multiple videos of her daughter performing object permanence tests at different ages, showing her growth of learning and understanding. The videos consisted of the child sitting on the floor with a toy lying on the ground in front of her. Then, the toy would be covered by a towel, with the child watching, however the child did not look under the towel for the toy and easily seemed to forget the toy was even there until a certain age at which she learned that the toy did not just disappear, but it was underneath the towel. Being able to see this growth so clearly through video proves many theories within developmental psychology.

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