Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Operant Conditioning

In this episode of Big Bang Theory, Amy uses operant conditioning on Sheldon and his need to have closure for everything. Operant conditioning is methods of different attempts to alter ones behavior with either negative or positive reinforcement. Amy does this with Sheldon, going through multiple activities that have a start and finish to them. However, she never finishes them so Sheldon can learn to live through his life without closure. In result, Amy tries to fix his need of having constant closure over everything. 



  1. I love the show Big Bang Theory, and I know what episode you are talking about. I thought this was a great example of operant conditioning. Good definition for operant conditioning.

  2. I really like the example you used from the Big Bang Theory. I also used my example of operant conditioning from the same show and I found it really helpful and entertaining.