Contagious Behavior

According to our text Contagious Behavior "is more-or-less instinctive or reflexive behavior triggered by the occurrence of the same behavior in another individual." The text gives examples such as yawning, and looking away to test this certain behavior when talking to people. But what the book didn't quit mention was the fact of how ALL behaviors are contagious both good and bad. When I came across this video on youtube it immediately reminded me of the text and this contagious behavior it explained, although this wasn't based on a yawn, a gaze, or contagious smile rather rudeness and how rudeness is contagious. It made me realize how aware we must be of our thoughts in order to not redirect anything negative we may have come across in our day. For example being conscious of what you say to people after you just dealt with an angry costumer at work to avoid anymore negative distribution. Always think happy thoughts ! :)