Monday, June 27, 2016


As each year of school starts back up, I promise myself that I will no longer procrastinate on my work, I will study more often, and I will be organized through the entire semester. And at first, I do all of these things, but as the semester ends I find myself struggling to study for finals, and looking back remembering all the long nights of homework and writing papers because I was too busy watching T.V. and being unproductive during the day. I have realized and understood that procrastination is only a punishment, and that I constantly am putting off my work because I become overwhelmed by the assignment itself, that I fear even beginning it. What I did not realize, however, is that is it proven that a person will be more productive by doing a little bit of work each day instead of cramming the work into one, or a few, day(s). Boice studied work habits of professors, which showed that those who worked a little bit each week were more productive than those who worked intensely for only a few days. I think that one of the parts that overwhelms me about assignments is feeling the need to complete it once I start it, but now understanding that it is even better to work slowly to be more productive, I hope to become less of a procrastinator.

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