Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a mental illness that is developed from experiencing a traumatic event. Symptoms may include having flashbacks or nightmares of the tragic event. Common experiences that trigger PTSD include rape, war, natural disaster, or injury. PTSD is very common in war veterans. Anxiety and depression are also linked with PTSD. In my psychology class we watched a movie called Joe's War. It was about a young man who came home from war and struggled with PTSD. This movie really opened my eyes to just how serious PTSD is for war veterans. The character, Joe, couldn't get through a day without having a flashback of his time in war and he wasn't himself anymore. These flashbacks included images of his dead friends. Joe would cope with his PTSD by binge drinking and he ended up committing suicide at the end of the movie. I definitely think we should have more programs and work opportunities for our veterans, it is a serious problem. I would highly recommend watching this movie to get a better understanding of PTSD. 
I have attached the trailer for the movie. 


  1. PTSD is a scary disorder and it's crazy how much it can effect people's lives. I was watching American Sniper, and seeing how PTSD effects the individual and their loved one's lives is heartbreaking. I never really realized how serious PTSD is and like you, it really opened my eyes. It's heartbreaking and you're right, there should be more programs and work opportunities for veterans.

  2. PTSD is such a problem in today's society, especially among war veterans. I agree with you completely, more programs and work opportunities for our veterans should definitely be addressed. I am going to look into that movie you suggested, thank you for the recommendation.


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