Top 10 Human Reflexes

In this video it describes what was spoken about in chapter three. It speaks about the many instincts and reflexes that we humans tend to have. When you think of reflexes you may naturally think of say touching something hot and pulling away quickly as a normal reaction, or reflex we have. Or possibly when a doctor hits you below the kneecap and are leg tends to shoot forward. However, this video describes the many reflexes we did not even know we had! Reflexes as you may know are very essential and necessary to protect us when we sense danger and need to act quickly. This video show's that along with some other traits we have that we never really put a lot of thought into and wouldn't even know to label as a reflex!


  1. I very much enjoyed this video! I also like to think about some of reflexes in the way that they help protect us from any type of harm. For example, tickling may be used to protect our internal organs. Do you ever notice how people tend to ball up when being tickled? They also scream "STOP" when being tickled. Why would be scream stop when we are laughing? Who knows!

  2. I found this video to be really cool! I did not know the names for some of the stuff shown and there were also things that I did not know about in general so I found it very informal and interesting.


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