Behaviorism strategies for the classroom

Behaviorism can be looked at as another way to manage your classroom. When in a classroom, there has to be some way to control and manage students behavior and actions that will benefit their grades and well being in the class. One example of managing the classroom is using a behavioral chart. When my niece was in first and second grade they had one of these and in my opinion I find it extremely helpful. Each student has a chart on a wall. The chart is numbered and labeled for each month and has slots inside for a colored paper.
Green: Excellenet 
Blue: Good 
Yellow: Ok 
Red: Bad 
If a student received all green and blue for the month, there were able to choose between a small prize or free snack from the lunch room.
If a student received all green they were able to pick between a homework pass or 2 points on their spelling quiz.
If a student received all yellow for the month parents were alerted and a before recess they had to write at least 2 sentences on how to better their behavior 
If a student was to get all red, parents are alerted as well as recess being taken away. 

I find that this example is helpful, especially for younger students because it pushes them to do and be better in the class. No kid wants to be all red, every child wants to be able to go outside and play with their friends. This chart is a boost to help kids maintain their behavior not just in the class but as well as in their own home.
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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea for children. It can be somewhat of a loop hole because of how competitive children tend to be. They may compare how many green slips they receive and want to continue to have a lot of these along with other children. The reward is a great way to get children to continue their positive behavior.

  2. I also had one of these when I was in elementary school. I think it really helped shape behavior in the classroom for myself and my classmates. Knowing that there was a reward if we remained on good behavior is what kept students from getting into trouble, but I also think that if the reward were taken away, it would allow children to think that they can act bad because there is no prize. Overall, I do think it is a great idea to do in the classrooms.

  3. Great post. Behavior charts are a creative way to for tracking classroom behavior. I like the fact that the charts focus on positive reinforcement rather than embarrassment or punishment.


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