Saturday, June 13, 2020

Behaviorism and Cognitivism post #2

 Behaviorism is one of the most effective learning theories. Behaviorism works because it focuses on observable behavior. Thus, teachers utilize this technique because of its effective positive and negative reinforcement. For example, granting the class a pizza party at the end of the week for their good behavior. behaviorism techniques are also good to treat known human disorders such as autism, anxiety disorder, and antisocial behavior. Cognitivism became dominant over behaviorism because it explores deeper into regular human processes. We know humans are able to do things such as decision-making, thoughts, and express ideas. Cognitivism focuses on identifying these mental  processes


  1. It is so important to be able to teach through this model I believe. I teach 2 and 3 year olds in my church and they are most responsive when they know there is a reward for their behaviour. Overtime, there is some extinction if I stop bringing in prizes, so I usually have to stick to bringing them something to look forward to after our lesson time.

  2. I know behaviorism worked for me when I was in school. For good behavior you were given tickets, at the end of the week you could trade your tickets in for a prize. I remember saving mine up to have lunch with the teachers and a friend. We also had Friday afternoons as scheduled game time, it was really rewarding as a second grader!

  3. I also wrote about observational behaviors. This is something we have all used growing up and may even be the example of what other people are seeing and begin to follow. I think our actions are so important not only for our selves but for others who may be watching!